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Hazel the Aura is a poet, author, and wire wrapping jewelry artist born and based in Philadelphia. She is the author of “NEXT HOOD OVER” and the owner of Aura Glow Custom Jewelry.

In 2019, Hazel The Aura graduated from the University of the Arts with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Creative Writing concentrating in Poetry. Hazel The Aura uses her inner light to help others find their glow. Aura Glow Custom Jewelry provides one of a kind pieces at an affordable price. Each item is attuned to the customers unique personality, helping them to feel comfortable and confident in their own skin.

In March 2020, her debut chapbook, NEXT HOOD OVER, was published by Toho Publishing. NEXT HOOD OVER speaks in the tongues of grandmothers, corner stores, churches, schoolyards, courtrooms, and children wasting summers in play. Purchase a signed copy of NEXT HOOD OVER below!

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Reviews of Next Hood Over

Distorted purple crystal ball with "HTA" over it in gold fluorescent letters

Kay Holli

Author & Cultural Blogger

"There's a warmth about this collection that speaks on pain, on joy, on love, on truth, and once you start reading you can't stop. Also note that once you reach that last poem, you are hoping for another. You have no choice but to respect this poet, who speaks from experience, making her wise at a young age; still she longs for how things used to be."

Distorted purple crystal ball with "HTA" over it in gold fluorescent letters

Jazmin Luperena


"This book is history delivered in poetry. So grateful for this author and the glowing aura she has a human and writer.

Distorted purple crystal ball with "HTA" over it in gold fluorescent letters

Sean Hanrahan

Author & Editor

"...all the poems in Next Hood Over are gemstones. They shimmer, reflect, and sparkle; they contain hidden facets; they are precious and rare. She has bestowed on Philadelphia a precious and loving gift. I have had the pleasure of reading this chapbook several times. Each time I read this collection I experience that joyful feeling of seeing such a talented poet at the start of her career with so much to say already."

The Harmony

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